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Women’s Health at Longevity Texas

Ladies, do you ever pee when you jump, cough, run, and/or sneeze?  Do you feel like there could be improvements with your sex life?  As we age, it is normal to experience dryness, decreased sex drive, decreased sensation and more difficulty reaching orgasm.  Whether you are experiencing one or many of these issues, we are here to help at Longevity Texas.  Unfortunately, many women are not aware there are solutions to these problems.

Longevity Texas offers the very best women’s wellness treatments available. Come see our women’s health specialist for a complimentary consultation and start your journey to an improved intimate wellness.  She can discuss the latest amazing treatment options available to you.

There are now nonsurgical, clinically-proven device that improves women’s intimate health. This unique technology allows for robust collagen production in only 30 minutes of treatment time!  The radiofrequency is delivered through a small probe. The combination of this probe and the technology makes it so the treatment is truly painless and safe. There is no downtime after the treatment is complete.

All women can benefit from having a treatment done. It is the ultimate vaginal anti-aging treatment available. Women can expect to see improvements in urinary incontinence, lubrication, libido, tightness and sensation. This treatment yields its best results when done in combination with our regenerative treatments.

The regenerative treatments can help with urinary incontinence, lubrication, libido, and ability to orgasm. This procedure is a non-surgical treatment done using one’s own body’s platelet rich plasma (PRP). PRP is injected strategically to enhance women’s intimate wellness. Numbing is performed prior to injection of PRP making this treatment comfortable.

Longevity Texas is all about supporting and empowering women!  Our Women’s Health specialist is dedicated to helping women feel their very best and be empowered to prioritize their intimate wellness.

What are you waiting for?   Come see us for a free consultation and make yourself a priority!

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